To tackle the threat of wildlife poisoning across the Balkans, the BalkanDetox LIFE project has four main objectives. Build capacities to improve management of poisoning incidents, raise awareness about the severity of this practice while providing other preventative measures, enhance collaborations to improve knowledge exchange among relevant stakeholders and reduce poisoning incidents to help safeguard wildlife, nature and public health.

Build Capacities

Secure real and continued engagement of the relevant national governmental authorities in the region against illegal wildlife poisoning by increasing their capacity and formalizing national anti- poisoning working groups in each project country to improve the management of poisoning incidents and achieve significant mortality reduction of species affected.

Enhance Collaborations

Increase cooperation between governmental institutions and relevant stakeholders through joint engagement within National Anti-Poisoning Working Groups and enhance regional cooperation and information exchange by establishing regional networks of enforcement agents, wildlife forensic pathologists, toxicologists, lawyers and public prosecutors.

Raise Awareness

Bridge knowledge gaps relating to the use of illegal poison baits and its adverse impacts on wildlife to the key target audience, labelling the practice as a socially unacceptable behaviour in the general public's eyes. The project will also inform several poison-bait users in the region about preventive measures as an alternative to poison use.

Reduce poisoning incidents

Decrease the number of wildlife poisoning incidents by 20% at the end of the project as a product of raising awareness among the general public about the illegal use of poison in the environment and the danger it represents to human health and wildlife, as well as enforce legal consequences of this action in each target country.


Expected Results

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