Expected Results

Expected Results

The main expected results and impacts resulting from BalkanDetox LIFE involve increasing general understanding of the problem among key target groups and transferring European expertise to relevant Balkan stakeholders to manage poisoning incidents effectively and increase the number of detected, investigated and prosecuted poisoning incidents. These project actions will subsequently result in a significant decrease of this damaging and harmful practice, helping protect wildlife, nature and public health.

Greater Knowledge

Published study on the practice of illegal wildlife poisoning, discussing the scope, severity, root causes behind it and substances most commonly used in the region.

Coordinated approach

Established and formalized National Anti-Poisoning Working Groups in Albania, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Croatia, the Republic of North Macedonia and Serbia, comprised of representatives of relevant institutions, amounting to 35-40 trained personnel for combating this practice in the region, enabling a coordinated approach to detection, investigation and legal proceedings of poisoning incidents.

Standardized protocols

Developed and adopted three standard operational protocols for investigation, forensic necropsy and toxicological analysis, based on best practice examples from Spain, with jurisdictions of each of the relevant national governmental authorities being clearly defined.

Increased understanding

Increased general understanding of the extent and nature of the problem and increased capacity for the immediate and effective response to poisoning incidents from relevant governmental authorities by provided training, resulting in having up to 20-30 enforcement agents, 20 veterinarians and toxicologists and up to 20 public prosecutors and judges trained in the Balkans for combating wildlife poisoning.

Engaged stakeholders

Five fully developed National Anti-Poisoning Road Maps in Albania, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Croatia, the Republic of North Macedonia and Serbia, ensuring the long-term engagement of relevant institutions towards minimizing the effect of illegal use of poison on wildlife by providing each country with a coherent framework of actions for addressing this practice, two out of which will be officially adopted by the relevant governmental authorities in their respective countries during the duration of the BalkanDetox LIFE project.

Increased awareness

Increased awareness among key stakeholders of the need to end the illegal use of poison baits due to the plight of numerous wildlife and the dangers it represents to human health.

Established information exchange

Established national databases in Albania, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Croatia and the Republic of North Macedonia containing all illegal poisoning incidents. These databases will be updated regularly, defining poisoning hotspots to serve as a hazard map and guide searches, surveillance and investigation work, integrating this into a regional database. Furthermore, published public periodical reports from Albania, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Croatia, Greece, the Republic of North Macedonia and Serbia from the second year of the project, containing relevant information on all intentional and non-intentional poisoning cases.

Improved management

Transferred expertise from European best-practices to regional Balkan level between relevant stakeholders. Achieve a 40% increase in the number of detected poisoning incidents, 20 % of investigated poisoning incidents and at least 6 successfully presented cases to the court at the end of the project, in comparison to the baseline through the implementation of a strong information and awareness campaign aimed at portraying this practice as a socially unacceptable behaviour and the importance of reporting these incidents to the proper authorities.

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