The BalkanDetox LIFE Project

The BalkanDetox LIFE Project

Strengthening national capacities to fight wildlife poisoning and raise awareness about the
problem across seven Balkan countries


The BalkanDetox Life project endeavours to address the most pressing conservation issue affecting numerous threatened wildlife species in the Balkan Peninsula by shifting the perceptions and behaviour of all relevant stakeholders, from the decision-makers to the general public and the actual users of poison baits.


To tackle the threat of wildlife poisoning across the Balkans, the BalkanDetox LIFE project has four main objectives. Build capacities to improve management of poisoning incidents, raise awareness about the severity of this practice while providing other preventative measures, enhance collaborations to improve knowledge exchange among relevant stakeholders and reduce poisoning incidents to help safeguard wildlife, nature and public health.


The BalkanDetox LIFE project endeavours to implement several targeted actions to tackle the threat of wildlife poisoning across seven Balkan countries. Preparatory actions will better understand the problem's scope, allowing the team to prioritize conservation and preventative measures. Among others, concrete actions include the reinforcement of institutional capacities, establishment of relevant databases and networks, adaption of GPS tracking for improved detection and prevention of potential poisoning incidents while simultaneously monitoring the performance of project actions.

Expected Results

The main expected results and impacts resulting from BalkanDetox LIFE involve increasing general understanding of the problem among key target groups and transferring European expertise to relevant Balkan stakeholders to manage poisoning incidents effectively and increase the number of detected, investigated and prosecuted poisoning incidents. These project actions will subsequently result in a significant decrease of this damaging and harmful practice, helping protect wildlife, nature and public health.

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